Biofy Acceptable Use Policy

Effective Date: July 2023
At Biofy, our aim is to be a catalyst for connections; to empower people, brands, and businesses of all sizes to engage their customers anywhere at scale. Biofy is committed to protecting and supporting the right to free expression. At the same time, we take the trust and safety of our platform and community of users seriously. Accordingly, any attempt to use the Biofy Services to distribute harmful, false or misleading content or otherwise manipulate the Biofy Services (as defined in the Biofy Terms of Service) for such purposes, is strictly prohibited. If we determine that you are using or have used the Biofy Services to engage in any form of misconduct, including violating this Policy, we may restrict your ability to use our platform, remove your content or suspend or terminate your account. Misconduct may also violate applicable laws and can lead to legal action and civil and criminal penalties. By accessing or using the Biofy Services, you agree to abide by this Acceptable Use Policy as well as the Biofy Terms of Service, Biofy Privacy Policy and Biofy’s DMCA Copyright Policy and to (collectively, the “Biofy Terms”), as may be modified from time to time.


You may only use the Biofy Services in compliance with the Biofy Terms. If we suspend or revoke your privileges to use the Biofy Services, you will not be eligible to access them again until further notice from us and any attempt to circumvent such access restrictions (e.g. by creating additional accounts or identities) are strictly prohibited and will result in the permanent disabling of such accounts and flagging them for future enforcement purposes.

Never use the Biofy Services to distribute abusive, dangerous, or illegal content

You are prohibited from using the Biofy Services to distribute or promote the following types of content (including but not limited to text, images, video and audio):
• Content that attacks individuals or groups on the basis of race, gender, ethnicity, national origin, immigration status, religion, sex or gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, or medical condition, as well as any content promoting organizations with such views.
• Content that exploits children
• Misinformation, including but not limited to, medical or civic misinformation
• Content that threatens, encourages, or promotes violence or graphic imagery
• Sexually explicit or intimate content shared without the subject’s consent
• Any content that glamorizes or promotes self-harm or endangers your safety or the safety of others
• Any content that promotes terrorism
• Any other content that is illegal

Never engage in abusive, dangerous, or illegal behavior

You are prohibited from using the Biofy Services to engage in the following types of behavior:
• Distributing malware, viruses, badware, or other types of disruptive software
• Engaging in phishing, spoofing, hacking, or other attempts to fraudulently gain access to someone’s information
• Sending bulk commercial emails or SMA (i.e. spam)
• Circumventing Biofy’s systems to evade detection of abuse outlined in the Biofy Terms
• Sharing someone’s private information without their consent (i.e. doxxing)
• Threatening violence or harm to others
• Bullying, harassing, or coordinated online attacks targeting individuals or groups (i.e. brigading)
• Impersonating others or misrepresenting your affiliation with any people, organizations or other entities
• Facilitating illegal activity such as the sale of prohibited goods and/or services
• Infringing another person or entity’s intellectual property

Reporting abuse and violations

We encourage anyone who suspects that someone is manipulating the Biofy Services or violating our Acceptable Use Policy in any way to notify us. We investigate concerns thoroughly and take appropriate actions, up to and including terminating user accounts. If you believe Biofy mistakenly flagged your activity as misconduct, you can contact us and we will investigate your appeal.

Enforcement against non-compliance

Biofy is committed to protecting the user experience and in doing so, our actions will reflect the spirit, not merely the letter, of this Acceptable Use Policy. Biofy reserves the right to suspend or terminate any account or pause or remove any content we deem to be negatively affecting the user experience or safety of our community, whether or not the behavior is explicitly prohibited by this Acceptable Use Policy. This Acceptable Use Policy does not comprehensively list every type of content that Biofy could restrict or block, nor every basis on which Biofy may restrict or block content.