Link Management!

Convert your links into valuable brand assets.

Construct links that are easily readable, trustworthy, and highly clickable.
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Set up custom domains and replace "biofy" with your brand name for a personalized touch.
Personalize link back-halves, commonly referred to as "URL slugs," to provide clear indications of the destination you are directing people to.
Whenever a long URL is shortened using biofy, the links are automatically branded with your custom domain.
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SMS & Customer Engagement

Boost customer engagement with your text notifications.

Utilize branded short links to personalize individual messages to customers and prospects.
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Build custom domains and link back-halves to build trust with customers, demonstrating the reliability of the source.
Safely shorten links to save valuable character count without compromising security.
Utilize biofy API to automatically generate millions of branded short links daily.
Campaign Management

All your links are consolidated in one location.

Collect, oversee, and monitor all your links from a unified, central location.
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Effortlessly create, manage, and track marketing campaigns across multiple channels, including email, social media, digital ads, and offline media, all in one convenient location.
Create UTM parameters and generate links in bulk for marketing channels and campaigns, all simultaneously.
Analyze performance across paid, earned, and owned channels, including detailed insights at the city-level and organic sharing metrics.
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Link Management

Maintain flexibility and agility.

Structure, customize, and modify links to expand alongside your audience.
bitly lm link management
Simplify link organization and enhance searchability with tags. Monitor the channels you share them on and customize them for marketing campaigns.
Easily find and explore your existing links by name and date, or apply filters based on tags, custom branding, or hidden links.
Effortlessly assign and redirect a new URL to any of your links, including QR codes, to rectify destination errors, update destinations, or retire outdated links.
Marketing Reporting & Analytics

Get a clear understanding of what appeals to your audience.

Collect valuable data from each click and use it to make informed decisions about where to prioritize your content and investments.
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Monitor the number of organic shares your content receives through earned media, including links generated by other Biofy users.
Gain detailed insights at the local city level to understand the content that excites your audience.
Easily export click data to integrate with other analytics tools for customized reporting and in-depth analysis of your audiences and content.
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Short link management refers to the process of creating, organizing, and analyzing short URLs or shortened links. Short links are concise versions of longer URLs that are easier to share, track, and manage, making them valuable for marketing, branding, and link tracking purposes.

Short link management offers several benefits:

•  Compact and shareable links: Shortened URLs are easier to share on platforms with character limits, such as social media, emails, or text messages.

•  Custom branding: Many short link management platforms allow you to customize the shortened domain or include your brand name, reinforcing brand recognition.

•  Tracking and analytics: Short link management tools often provide detailed analytics on link clicks, traffic sources, and user behavior, enabling data-driven decision-making and campaign optimization.

•  Link organization: Short link management systems allow you to organize and categorize your shortened links, making it easier to manage and share specific groups of URLs.

You can create short links using URL shortening services or dedicated link management platforms. These platforms typically provide a simple interface where you can paste a long URL and generate a shorter version with just a few clicks.

Yes, short link management platforms often include built-in analytics features that track the performance of your short links. These analytics provide insights into link clicks, geographic locations of users, referring sources, and other valuable data to assess the effectiveness of your links and marketing efforts.

The number of short links you can create may vary depending on the URL shortening service or link management platform you use. Here, you may find that certain platforms impose usage limits on their free plans, while others provide higher limits or customized plans tailored to businesses with more extensive link management requirements.

While short links themselves are not inherently unsafe, they can be misused by malicious parties to hide the true destination URL. It’s essential to use a reputable short link management platform that employs security measures to prevent abuse, spam, and phishing attempts. Additionally, exercise caution when clicking on short links from unknown or untrusted sources.