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Make your digital assets easily accessible with our fully-featured QR code generator system.

QR Code Generator

Introducing the biofy QR Code Generator: The easiest method to generate and monitor QR Codes.

Create a unique QR Code in mere seconds, distribute it to your audience, and promptly access your scan data - all within the biofy QR Code Generator.
Biofy QR Code Generator

Utilize your biofy QR Code Generator to captivate and drive action.

Generate visually striking QR Codes that align with your brand and effectively engage your audience, all in a matter of seconds.
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Generate personalized QR Codes for any occasion, whether it's an exclusive event or a new app release, allowing you to conveniently share important content with ease.
Personalize your code with your logo, brand colors, distinctive patterns, frames, and other elements to ensure it captures attention from every viewer.
Utilize your QR Code across various mediums such as fliers, billboards, digital posters, and more, making it effortless for people to engage with you in a seamless and intuitive manner.

Gain insights into how your audience interacts with each QR Code.

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Utilize in-depth scan data analysis to understand your audience's behavior and make more informed decisions.
Access real-time engagement metrics directly within your biofy dashboard, eliminating the need for cumbersome tracking and analytics tools.
Analyze performance across paid, earned, and owned channels, including detailed insights at the city-level and organic sharing metrics.
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Establish indelible brand connections through a consolidated platform that leaves a lasting impact.

Replace your multitude of individual solutions and provide your team with total command over every connection experience.
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Efficiently manage QR Codes and links within a single dashboard, allowing you to modify and create new assets seamlessly without the need to switch platforms.
Simplify campaign analysis to gain a comprehensive understanding of performance and make prompt, well-informed decisions.
Enhance your software and apps with customized QR Codes using our library of 10+ integrations.

Generate impactful and trackable experiences using the biofy QR Code Generator

Link Management

Connect and ignite action with every link.
Transform your links into impactful brand assets through effortless customization.
Centralize, organize, and monitor all your links in one convenient location.
Gather valuable data with every click to enhance your decision-making.


Maximize the impact of your links with 10 times the efficiency.
Boost your views, sales, subscribers, and leads with personalized mini landing pages.
Create customized connection experiences without the need for coding.
Bring together, oversee, and monitor all your links from a single, centralized location.

How It Works

QR dashboard
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Click on the dashboard

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Click on QR codes


Create a QR code

qr codes details
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You can input your information to generate your QR codes here.

type of qr code
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Here, you can select the QR format of your choice.

qr codes styles

At this point, you have the option to select customized styles, colors, branding, and various other options.

QR code download

Initially, you can obtain your QR code, and subsequently, you have the option to download it.

download options

Here, you have the choice to download your QR code in various formats, including SVG, PNG, JPG, and WEBP.


What is a QR code?

A QR code, short for Quick Response code, is a two-dimensional barcode that contains information in a machine-readable format. It can store various types of data, such as URLs, text, contact details, app links, and more.

How do I scan a QR code?

To scan a QR code, you need a smartphone or tablet with a camera. Simply open the camera app on your device and point it towards the QR code. Your device’s native camera app will automatically detect the QR code and provide a prompt to open the link or access the encoded information.

What can QR codes be used for?

QR codes have versatile applications, including:

• Directing users to a website or landing page.

• Sharing contact information (vCard) or Wi-Fi credentials.

• Linking to app downloads or social media profiles.

• Providing product information or authentication.

• Enabling mobile payments and ticketing.

• Facilitating event check-ins and registrations.

• Accessing digital menus or promotions in restaurants and stores.

Are QR codes secure?

QR codes themselves do not pose any inherent security risks. However, it’s essential to exercise caution when scanning QR codes from unknown sources, especially those received through unsolicited emails or messages. Scanning a malicious QR code could lead to phishing attempts or direct you to harmful websites. Use reputable QR code scanning apps that offer built-in security measures and avoid scanning codes from unreliable sources.

Can I create my own QR codes?

Yes, you can easily create your own QR codes using various online QR code generators. These tools allow you to input the desired data (URLs, text, contact info, etc.), customize the appearance, and download the QR code in the format of your choice.

Can QR codes be customized?

Yes, many QR code generators offer customization options. You can change the colors, add logos or images, and apply different styles to make the QR code match your brand or campaign theme. However, be cautious not to over-customize, as excessive modifications may interfere with the QR code’s scannability.

Do QR codes require an internet connection to work?

No, QR codes can store data internally, so they do not always require an internet connection to function. For example, QR codes containing contact details or Wi-Fi credentials can be scanned and used offline.

Are there different types of QR codes?

Yes, there are several types of QR codes, each designed to encode specific types of data. Common types include URL QR codes, vCard QR codes, Wi-Fi QR codes, and more. When generating a QR code, choose the appropriate type based on the information you want to encode.