URL Shortener

URL Shortener

URL Shortener

Say goodbye to long, clunky links. Use Biofy.io as your reliable URL shortening service.

Yes! You can use our service as a shortener as well. Powerful URL shortening service. Customizable, trackable, and secure. Simplify sharing with concise URLs. Target specific audiences, schedule and expire links. Enhance your link management experience with our comprehensive service.

Features Include:

📍Scheduling & expiration limits: Take control of your link's lifespan.
📍A/B Rotation : Test and optimize your links for better results.
📍Password Protection, Sensitive Content Warning : Keep your links secure and provide necessary warnings for sensitive content.

How It Works

QR dashboard

Click on the dashboard

2 1

Click on Links

3 1

Click on Shortened URL

4 2

Firstly, you can input the URL that you wish to shorten.

5 2

Here, you can obtain your short URL, and you will find some features available.

6 1

At this place, you have choices such as pixels and temporary URLs.

7 1

And here you have protection and targeting like country device type, browser language, rotation& A/B Testing and Operating system

8 1

Furthermore, you have access to protection and targeting features, including country, device type, browser language, rotation & A/B testing, and operating system. finally update