June ,2023

What is QR Codes?

A QR code is a two-dimensional version of a barcode. They’re square, black and white in color, and can be used to store machine-readable information. And the way they work is very similar to that of traditional barcodes. By simply scanning a QR code with your Smartphone, you can unlock whatever information it contains.
Biofy QR Code Generator
Although QR codes may appear to have gained popularity recently, they have actually been in existence for a considerable period. They were initially developed and utilized by car manufacturers in the 1990s as a means to track vehicles and parts. As the usefulness of these codes for transferring information became apparent, people started exploring their potential applications. Nowadays, you probably encounter QR codes frequently, whether at bus stops, on posters, or in magazines — they seem to be everywhere.
How to use QR Codes
In a matter of seconds, effortlessly generate visually captivating QR Codes that harmonize with your brand and effectively engage your audience.
Effortlessly create custom QR Codes for any occasion, whether it's an exclusive event or the launch of a new app. These personalized codes enable you to easily share important content with others.
Tailor your QR Code to match your brand by incorporating your logo, brand colors, unique patterns, frames, and other elements. This ensures that it catches the attention of every viewer.
Utilize your QR Code across a wide range of mediums, including fliers, billboards, digital posters, and more. This seamless and intuitive approach makes it effortless for people to engage with you.
Discover valuable information about how your audience engages with each QR Code.
A significant advantage of utilizing a Biofy QR Code lies in its tracking capabilities. The tracking data provides valuable insights such as the total number of scans, the browsers or operating systems used, scan trends over time, and geographical location. Furthermore, you can easily access scan data for specific time periods. All this data is obtained from the platform that was used to generate the QR Code.
Get the information you need to understand how well your codes are working and find ways to make them even better.
Use comprehensive scan data analysis to gain insights into your audience's behavior and make informed decisions.
Access real-time engagement metrics conveniently within your biofy dashboard, eliminating the need for complicated tracking and analytics tools.
Analyze performance across various channels, including paid, earned, and owned, with detailed insights at the city-level and organic sharing metrics.
Easily handle QR Codes and links all in one place using a single dashboard. Modify and create new assets seamlessly without switching between platforms.
Simplify campaign analysis to get a clear view of performance and make quick, informed decisions.
Upgrade your software and apps with personalized QR Codes using our library of over 10 integrations.