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Advanced Link in bio!

Take your biofy Link in bio to the next level of effectiveness.

Gain access to advanced biofy Link Management features and analyze all your links conveniently from a unified dashboard.

More Traffic. More Clicks. More Tools to Make it Yours.

Create your link in bio page and help followers discover more about you.
Create & customize
Choose between a light and dark theme, curate your content, and then drop your new link into your Instagram, Twitter & Tiktok bio.
Track posts easily
Tag your posts with any URL. You can even tag previous posts.
Connect seamlessly
Your posts and their linked pages are automatically added to your page.
Drive traffic anywhere
Followers click the link in your Instagram or TikTok bio and find the page, product, or article they’re looking for.
Analyze your posts
Measure, optimize, repeat. See the data flow into Analytics, so you can measure clicks and see which content is driving revenue to your business.
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Link in bio

Maximize the effectiveness of your social media profiles.

Efficiently curate, organize, and monitor your finest links, allowing your audience to explore and actively engage with a wider array of your content. Take advantage of our free sign-up to get started today.
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Here’s what you can do with Link in bio

Manage all your links from one easy-to-use platform. Curate, sell, grow, and engage your audience all from one link.

Drive traffic and clicks

Your Biofy’s Link in bio page takes visitors past your profile to anywhere else on the web. Whether it’s a blog post or product page with your latest offer — you decide where your followers go next. drive traffic clicks bio track sales revenue

Track sales & revenue

Using Instagram for e-commerce? lets you add links on Instagram post so you can direct your followers to your website or e-commerce shop. With Biofy’s Link in bio  Analytics you can find out which linked posts are generating sales.


A URL that shows off your brand.

Keep your Instagram & TikTok bios looking clean and fresh with a customizable URL. No more copy and paste — manage all your links from one easy platform. one easy platform
Drive Traffic

Drive more views, sales, subscribers, and leads.

Simplify the process for your audience to explore your finest, most relevant content and encourage them to take actions that yield greater outcomes and foster deeper engagement.
Generate clickable URLs and easily share them across all your social media profiles
Expand your online presence and utilize your customized biofy Link-in-bio and landing page across various platforms to share your critical links effortlessly.
Generate a QR Code for your biofy Link-in-bio, enabling your followers to scan and explore your personalized landing page for an immersive experience.

Build personalized experiences without coding

Easily design your landing page to reflect your brand's identity using our user-friendly interface, no technical skills needed.
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Simply upload an image or logo, select from pre-defined font types and colors, or customize your background colors effortlessly.
Effortlessly customize your link buttons by selecting from a range of pre-designed shapes and shadows.
Effortlessly include and modify social profile icons without compromising valuable link space.
Easily edit and control your links using the biofy mobile app on your phone.
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Manage Links & Pages

All-in-one centralized platform.

Consolidate, oversee, and monitor all your biofy Link in bio links in a unified and centralized location for effortless management and tracking.
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Easily discover, incorporate, and include your pre-existing biofy links onto your landing page without the need for manual copying and pasting.
Monitor the overall number of views and clicks, along with the devices, referrals, and geographical locations that generate the highest traffic.
Quickly make updates and modifications to links in case of expired or incorrect content.
Maximize your event and promotion planning by scheduling links to be displayed and deactivated at specific dates and times.

How It Works

QR dashboard
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Click on the dashboard

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Click on Links

biolinks and templates

Here, you have the option to choose the Biolink page and Biolinks templates. In the case of Biolink templates, you can personalize them by selecting your preferred image or video.

personal imp image.png 2
4 1

Create a personalized Biolink page with your brand name, and then proceed to create Biolink page.

features and add block image

You have the choice to utilize all the features and blocks available to customize your page as you wish, and you can also add your own customized blogs to it.

import templates 1

Here you have the option to import the pre-built templates for your Biolink page.


Biolinks is a comprehensive tool designed to optimize and enhance the link experience for social media and personal branding. It allows users to create a customized landing page that houses multiple links, making it easier to share various content, websites, and social profiles using a single URL.

Biolinks simplifies the process of managing multiple links by providing users with a user-friendly interface to create and organize their landing page. Users can add links to their website, blog, social media accounts, portfolio, contact information, and more. The generated Biolinks URL directs visitors to the landing page where they can choose which link they want to access.

Biolinks offers various features to enhance the link management experience, such as:

• Customization: Users can personalize the appearance of their landing page with customizable themes, colors, and images to match their branding.

• Analytics: Biolinks provides insights into link clicks, user engagement, and traffic sources, helping users measure the effectiveness of their shared links.

• Social media integration: Biolinks seamlessly integrates with popular social media platforms, enabling users to share the Biolinks URL in their profiles and bios.

• Link scheduling: Users can schedule links to become active or inactive at specific times, allowing them to promote time-sensitive content efficiently.

• Contact form: Biolinks offers a contact form feature, enabling visitors to reach out to users directly from the landing page.

Biolinks offers significant benefits for personal branding and businesses alike:

•  Streamlined sharing: Biolinks allows individuals and businesses to share multiple links through a single URL, simplifying the sharing process and making it more convenient for followers and potential customers.

•  Improved user experience: The customizable landing page provides an organized and user-friendly experience, guiding visitors to the content or links they are interested in, resulting in higher user satisfaction.

•  Enhanced analytics: Biolinks’ analytics feature provides valuable data on link performance and user behavior, helping users understand their audience and make data-driven decisions.

•  Increased engagement: With the ability to showcase various content and social profiles in one place, Biolinks increases engagement and interaction with users, leading to better connections and brand exposure.

Yes, Biolinks is particularly beneficial for social media influencers and content creators who frequently share content from various platforms. By consolidating their links into a single Biolinks URL, influencers can guide their followers to multiple destinations and efficiently manage their online presence. The customization options also allow influencers to maintain a consistent brand image and deliver a more personalized experience to their audience.