Branded Links!

Rebrand Your Own Domain - Empower Your Brand!

Branded Links

Replace "biofy" with your own brand.

Easily search, choose, and configure the ideal custom domain for your brand directly in biofy, all in a matter of minutes.
Get more clicks

Get more clicks

With custom domains, you can replace the "biofy" in your links with your preferred name, giving you complete control over your content. By incorporating your brand into your links, you establish trust with your audience.

Get your ideal custom domain up and running in just a few minutes.

biofy brings together custom domain configuration and comprehensive link management in a unified platform dedicated to building your brand. Begin leveraging the power of your brand from day one and unlock their full potential.
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brand assets

Transform your links into valuable brand assets.

When there is trust, action follows. Businesses that utilize custom links experience an increase in click-through rates. It's straightforward: When your audience trusts your links and is aware of their destinations, they are more inclined to click on them.

Generate links that are easily recognizable

Enhance your custom links with personalized back-halves. By editing the back-half of a link, you provide a preview of the destination, instilling trust and increasing click-through rates.
Create recognizable links
Automatically brand your links

Brand your links automatically, regardless of the sender.

When you enable auto-branding, any link shortened by a third party using biofy will automatically incorporate your business's custom domain. This enhances brand visibility and provides valuable insights into your content consumption.