Mobile Links!

Customized short URLs for text messages.

Mobile Links

Personalized SMS short links

Efficiently guide users to the correct destination directly from your mobile communications.
Mobile Links
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SMS Messaging

Utilize the robust biofy API to generate numerous personalized SMS communications for various purposes like customer support updates, order statuses, service changes or delays, appointment reminders, fundraising, and location-based promotions. By using short branded links, you can save on SMS per-character fees while delivering concise and effective messages.

Deep Links

Utilize biofy mobile deep links to seamlessly guide users to the appropriate section within your app or direct them to the app store for download. Deep links ensure a smooth transition to mobile, enhance app engagement, and boost app installations.
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Site QR Codes Sub

QR Codes

Generate QR codes instantly for any of your biofy links. Our QR codes come equipped with robust tracking and features similar to our links. They can be placed virtually anywhere, be it print media, billboards, storefronts, stickers, t-shirts, and more, allowing your users to seamlessly connect back to your online experience.

Campaign Management & Analytics Simplified

With biofy real-time, interactive dashboard, you gain a comprehensive perspective on metrics such as app opens and store visits across various devices and channels, including Twitter, Facebook, email, and SMS. This allows you to easily determine what strategies are effective and gain insights into how and where your customers engage with your content.
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